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Stop using fossils

Our company enables a low-carbon economy through everything from sustainable materials and resins, to new farming methods, to game-changing renewable energy innovations. In fact, nearly two-thirds of our entire portfolio comprises what we call Brighter Living Solutions -?products and services?that have a specific environmental or social benefit compared to mainstream reference solutions.


Renewable energy

At DSM, we believe in doing well by good. In fact, increasingly we find that taking actions that benefit our planet are also good for the bottom line – thus making sustainability a key driver in our purpose of creating brighter lives for all. The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate agrees. Its?New Climate Economy Report 2018?estimates that bold climate action could yield a direct economic gain of $26 trillion through to 2030. Here are just some examples of how this works in practice at DSM.?

Making wind energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels

Global electricity capacity from renewable continues to rise. In many cases, these projects test existing material and engineering solutions to their limits, calling for radical new approaches. Ropes, slings and synthetic chains made with Dyneema? can play a key role in making renewable energy from offshore wind parks viable, at an affordable cost. Synthetic lifting and lashing equipment made with Dyneema significantly reduces the weight and size of equipment used in constructing and operating wind parks, as well as reducing the physical effort required of their crews. Dyneema fiber will also be crucial in delivering the cutting-edge floating foundation technology necessary to keep wind parks safely anchored offshore at ever-greater depth.

Minimizing methane emissions

As the world’s demand for protein continues to grow, so too does the amount of methane emitted by the cows we raise. To tackle this challenge the team at DSM developed an innovation that when added to dairy cattle feed?reduces methane emissions by 30%?- with no compromise on animal welfare, feed consumption or performance. When you consider that cows accounts for 4% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, that’s good news for us all.

Ultra-sustainable coatings

Our Uralac? Ultra resin for powder coating MDF is a real game-changer for the paint industry. Not only does it bind the paint together, delivering beautiful, effective and long-lasting performance in everything from kids’ furniture to bathroom cabinets, it’s far better for planet and people than solvent-based coatings. In fact, Uralac Ultra contains no toxic solvents and has a carbon footprint five times lower than traditional coatings (mainly because it's cured at much lower temperatures).

If the entire MDF industry used Uralac Ultra we could save two million tonnes of CO2?- the equivalent of 237,500 car trips around the world.

The bio-renewable age

We believe it’s possible to create a world where affordable, renewable energy is a reality for all. The world needs competitive alternative energy systems like sustainable biomass, solar, wind and hydro. At DSM we’re playing our part through science that creates more powerful solar panels and biofuels made from plants.


When it comes to climate, we’re an action taker and a movement maker – determined to play our part in shaping the low-carbon agenda. It starts with our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals,? but it continues through everything from advocating carbon pricing policies to working alongside governments, NGOs, fellow private companies, and anyone else that can help us reach our goal of a low-carbon world for all.

We advocate consistent, long-term governmental policies that make a low-carbon economy a reality. We believe that government policies and initiatives should encourage low carbon innovations, improvement of energy efficiency and the scaling of renewable energy; innovate fiscal systems and policies, including ?(but not limited to) carbon pricing and removal of fossil fuel subsidies; increase transparency and disclosure of financial investments and policies regarding the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy; and educate the public on the impact of climate change.

We’re directly involved in several climate action initiatives and on the board of three prominent European public-private partnerships: the?Bio-based Industries Consortium; the Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE); and the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem).?

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