A new chapter for lactose-free dairy

Better food for everyone

A smart solution for consumer health

The appeal of lactose-free dairy is growing, and it’s no longer being consumed just by those who are lactose intolerant. Worldwide, three out of five people believe that lactose-free dairy is healthier. This fast-expanding market creates new opportunities for dairy manufacturers, but also drives the need for a faster, more efficient production process.


Ahead of the curve

Creating lactose-free dairy products requires valuable processing time by the lactase enzyme. So while the fast-growing market for these products offers new opportunities for dairy manufacturers, it also accelerates the need for enhanced production processes. As the first company to commercialize the lactase enzyme, we’ve been a market leader in lactose-free solutions for over half a century.

Now we’ve addressed these key market opportunities with our latest lactase innovation: Maxilact? Smart.

Multiple benefits

Launched in spring 2018, Maxilact Smart offers the full benefits of the Maxilact enzyme range, namely lower sugar content, improved taste, and extended shelf life. The main added advantage is a much faster lactose conversion process than previous versions. Indeed, a number of customer trials have shown that the product cuts the hydrolysis time of lactose by 33%. When added to the production process, Maxilact Smart allows producers to achieve a double-digit increase in production efficiency, meaning more throughput in less time. It also means vastly reduced energy consumption, allowing producers to contain their carbon footprint.


By enabling a lower health and environmental impact, as well as lower financial costs and faster production, Maxilact Smart is a win-win solution for customers, end consumers and the environment. Furthermore, this unique story shows that bright solutions always have the potential to be even brighter. From production managers to brand owners, and from environmentalists to consumers, everyone in the value chain benefited from this solution.


Through our winning combination of innovation and commitment to enabling better food for everyone, we are helping dairy customers to keep up with growing consumer demand for lactose-free products and to maximize sales, without the need for significant capital investment.

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