Food that tastes like it should

We enable better food for everyone through specialty enzymes, cultures, probiotics, bio-preservation, sugar reduction and savory taste solutions.


Tastier and healthier

We believe that better processed food should be affordable and accessible to more people, both now and tomorrow. Our ingredients and solutions make that happen by helping our customers produce tastier, healthier, and safer products - from dairy products like yogurt and cheese; to savory ingredients for meat and soups; to baking and beverages like beer and fruit juice.?

Catering to changing tastes

The world is changing and consumers’ tastes are changing with it. Our business is built around addressing these emerging and evolving trends, from gluten-free bread and beer; to meat substitutes; to lactose-free milk; to sugar-reduced beverages. The foundation for our expertise comes from a 150-year heritage in biotechnology and fermentation - and it’s improving and evolving all the time.??

The sweet taste of success

Maxilact??is our portfolio of neutral lactase enzymes that helps you produce lactose-free dairy products that taste great. Not only does Maxilact??meet the needs of lactose intolerant customers worldwide; its natural sweetness enables you to achieve sugar reduction in all dairy products by up to 20% – which benefits everyone.

A beer revolution is brewing

Brewers Clarex? streamlines stabilization by eliminating the deep cooling and rinsing steps. Easy to use, it helps breweries boost efficiency, save money - and remain at the forefront of innovation.

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DSM offers a broad range of ingredients and solutions for customers in the baking, beverage, dairy and savory industries.?

Supporting sustainable development

At DSM we feel so strongly about doing well by doing good that our company strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).?For food and beverages we’re especially focused on:

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