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DSM Bio-based Products & Services

Putting our energy into renewable energy

At DSM, we’re helping the world move to a low-carbon economy with our bio-based products and services, including sustainable solutions for biofuels. By working across the entire industry, we help customers cut carbon and waste now and into the future - because it’s time to switch from fuels that cost the earth to renewable energy.?


Advanced biofuels

With our bright science and expertise we offer yeast and enzymes for higher conversion yields of starch, fiber (including corn fiber) and biomass. For example, DSM’s innovative yeast solution, eBOOST? consistently delivers increased ethanol yield and profits to our customers in the industry.

Together with our joint venture partner, POET, one of the world’s largest bio-ethanol producers, we are focused on R&D for cellulosic ethanol from biomass. POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels has a cellulosic biofuel plant in Emmetsburg (IA), U.S.

Building a bio-based world, one block at a time

Many industries are looking for ways to produce more environmentally-friendly products. Bio-based alternatives to oil-based chemical intermediates help them take the next step. DSM is the co-inventor and exclusive licensor of Biosuccinium?, an innovative bio-based building block based on patented fermentation technology with a best-in-class environmental footprint.

Biosuccinium helps customers manufacture a growing array of everyday products that deliver high performance for everything from packaging to footwear and apparel to health and beauty, and more.

Biofuels open for business

Starch conversion

Innovative eBOOST? yeast solution for starch conversion in dry and cream forms provides ethanol producers with consistent, increased ethanol yield while significantly reducing glycerol formation.

Corn fiber conversion

Yeast and enzyme solutions for corn fiber conversion that maximize hydrolysis with an enhanced liquefaction capability and convert all available sugars including glucose, xylose, and arabinose at a high rate.

Biomass conversion

Yeast and enzyme solutions for biomass conversion, including its unique and sustainable on-site manufacturing of enzymes.

Supporting sustainable development

At DSM we feel so strongly about doing well by doing good that our company strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When it comes to bio-based products and services we’re especially focused on:

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