Making clean affordable energy a reality for all

We see a future powered by 100% renewable energy with a starring role for solar. But we’re not talking about a distant future – we mean within our lifetime. The transition is already underway. By 2050 some 25-50% of the world’s energy could be delivered by solar. But to get there we need to improve performance and thus lower what’s known as the Levelized Cost of Energy.?


From performance-boosting coatings for solar glass to next-generation backsheets for PV modules, our materials technology helps the solar industry make affordable, clean energy a reality for all.?

Coatings for solar glass

Our breakthrough solution was an Anti-Reflective coating? for solar glass that squeezes out a significant 3% power gain compared to non-treated glass. First introduced in 2011, it’s now an industry-leading solution.

Building on our success, we adapted this technology to include an Anti-Soiling? feature specifically for solar parks in dry, desert climates where sand and dirt get blown onto solar panels. The result: park owners need less energy, water and resources to clean solar panels while generating more power.?

100% recyclable backsheets

The backsheet is a critical component of the solar module, protecting it from the elements and providing electrical insulation. Traditionally, backsheets have been made through a multi-layer lamination process often containing fluorine. But these don’t always perform well and aren't recyclable. Not great for the planet (what will happen to all those backsheets when they reach their end of life?).?

With solar energy on the rise, there will be enough used solar modules to stretch to the moon and back by 2050. To make sure we leave the next generation with less waste, we have adopted circularity as one of our primary design principles. For example, we created a new backsheet for the 21st century - the Endurance backsheet. Based on co-extrusion technology, our Endurance backsheet is a higher performing solution and 100% recyclable..?

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Whether you’re a glass manufacturer, a module maker, a project developer or a technical advisor, we will help you reduce the?Levelized Cost of Energy and help make clean, solar energy a reality for all.

Supporting sustainable development

At DSM we feel so strongly about doing well by doing good that our company strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).?When it comes to solar we’re especially focused on:

Thinking big by getting small

To create game-changing solar science at the very highest level, sometimes you need to think small:?very small. Which is precisely what we’re doing at DSM through our partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – officially ranked as the world’s number one university.?A major aspect of our work with MIT?centers on the development of solar technology conducted not at the traditional molecular scale, but at the recently discovered nanoscale.

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